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Ho Ho Ho

a rolled up memory

Kindergarden was spent at Ed Smith School in Syracuse New York and I was lucky enough to have my Grandma teaching 3rd grade up the hall. She returned to school for a new teaching certificate and went to work in 1956 after being widowed and needing to care for her son, my Dad. When life turns upside down we are faced with the opportunity to collapse or to forge ahead and she moved on full force. A student, remembering her fondly, contacted my Dad decades after she passed away, appreciating the impact she had on him as a young child.

I remembered the Ho-Ho's

Grandma brought the rolled chocolate cakes, wrapped in waxy chocolate and protected by thin aluminum foil into my classroom by the box load to share at snack time. We each enjoyed the treat differently, some unrolling the log, some nibbling the chocolate and most just chomping down the treat. This was a time when we did not worry about preservatives or food allergies.

When I went back to school to get a Masters in Education, I though about the Ho-Hos. There are other rolled, creme-filled chocolate covered cakes on the market, but none of them had the power to evoke the memory of my Grandmother, the teacher.

and then


They are no longer
in a thin aluminium coat
but the waxy chocolate
is similar enough
to allow memories of Kindergarten at Ed Smith Elementary School to flood back

and remind me of the strength that we have
when we need to move forward
despite the circumstances
put before us.

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Getting to the Olympics

Ducky Dedication

Having the commitment it takes
to get to the Olympics
deserves a medal


There is love of the sport


time spent practicing


development of skill


fan appreciation


all supported by family and friends.

We think that ALL of the Olympians are just ducky!!!!

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Getting my Duckies in a Row

How it all began

There is a scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's when Holly Golightly was asked in a phone call, "What to do you want? WHAT DO YOU WANT?" Her reply was, "When I find out what I want I'm gonna let you know!" BAM.

I didn't know what I wanted. Nothing was working. Including me. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do for work, I did not have any long term relationship prospects and I was looking for my forever home. I had a sweet little dog who needed walks and dog treats so that gave me a reason to get up in the morning.

One day we walked past a little boutique in Park Slope, Brooklyn and in the window sat a little bright yellow rubber duckie. Instinctively I smiled, and I realized that I hadn't smiled in quite a while. I scooped the little dog up in my arms and purchased the duck.

Back in my apartment I thought long and hard about what I REALLY wanted. Before I even really knew what that was I took the cap off of a Sharpie marker and started drawing on my duckie.


I wanted a house in the woods. And now I had something to look at every day to get me closer to getting that house in the woods.

A few days later I realized that I also wanted a garden. So I went and bought another duckie, and drew on him.


As I became more aware of what I wanted in my life…..job, health, relationship…. I started collecting more duckies and lining them up on my desk. There was a designated "Where I am heading" line and some duckies were closer to it than others. I would check in with my duckies regularly and I found that they shifted positions, but they were always moving! With a visual map I could make decisions about where I needed to put my energy.

Eventually this turned into a Duckies in a Row kit

And then I started working with individuals and groups, helping people get their Duckies in a Row.

What started out as a couple of rubber duckies has now helped me become clearer about what I want in my life. I find that it can actually be fun getting my Duckies in a Row. I now have my house in the woods, garden, dog, husband and a significant rubber duckie collection!


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Pirate Duckie

Duckie with a vision

Duckies are at home in Newport, Rhode Island.


from time to time
it is possible to get tied up
in knots

but with patience they can be


Duckies are known
for having visions


and Newport is a place to have the vision
and act on it

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